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In Memory of Marianne Moore

       November 15 is the birthday of Marianne Moore (1887 – February 5, 1972) who was an American modernist poet and writer and I wrote this essay in memory of her. T. S. Eliot says that Moore’s poetry might be classified as descriptive. In other words, he locates her work in the general vicinity of imagism...


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About "Why I'm not a Painter" by O'Hara

       Although this poem is one of the classic poems of the New York School style; it is different from “I do this, I do that” poems. It is “I do this, we do this”; for example in line 7 where we have “I drink, we drink” and it is because O’Hara tells us about two artists and two artworks.  This poem is both non-narrative and anti-narrative...


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