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About me...

Alireza grew up in Tehran, Iran where he attended high school majoring in mathematics. He received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (2004) and M.Sc. in Transport Phenomena & Separation Processes (2007) from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. Then he attended the Zeolite Research Group (2008) where he was a researcher in the Science and Technology Park of Tehran University. Before beginning his Ph.D. in Materials Modeling, Alireza worked as a researcher and consulting engineer for two companies, MME Gmbh & Daneshpajouhan, where he conducted several industrial projects in oil, natural gas, and metal fields. In 2010 Alireza immigrated to Canada where he obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2015) at McGill University, working under the supervision of Prof. Alejandro D. Rey, and received several awards and fellowships. He collaborated with Prof. Mohan Srinivasarao’s Laboratory of Liquid Crystals and Soft Matters at Georgia Institute of Technology. Then he completed his Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (research consultant) at Yale School of Public Health and UiT the Arctic University of Norway in 2017, working with Dr. Ted Cohen and Dr. Abel zur Wiesch. Recently, he was a Senior R&D Scientist and Process Specialist at Sigma Storage Energy Inc. a postdoc fellow at Polytechnique Montreal.  Currently, he is working as a data scientist at Svante Inc.

Besides the academic and industrial experiences, Dr. Shams is a poet, writer, translator and literary critic. His literary activity since 2001 began with founding Cactus Magazine in Sharif University of Technology and he was the chief editor of it for more than two years. Since his arrival in Montreal, he became the literary editor of the weekly Iranian magazine (Hafteh) and He established the Persian Poetry Association in Montreal on May 2013.  Also, Dr. Shams is the Vice-President for Cultural and Educational Affairs in Hope for Children with Cancer non-profit organization. So far, he has eight published poetry books and two other books in press:


  • Gloomy Afternoon (Poems in Persian Language), Lulu Press, Inc., US, 2012.

  • Crickets Don’t Lie! (Poems in Persian Language), H&S Media Ltd., London, England, 2013.

  • Get Your Goodbyes Back! (Poems in Persian Language), Fors Publications, Tehran, Iran, 2014.

  • I’m Painting Hope for You (A childhood cancer poetry project), Fadak-e-Sabz Publications, Shiraz, Iran, 2014.

  • Earth is not Ground! (Poems in Persian Language), H&S Media Ltd., London, England, 2015.

  • Beloved of Cranes Field (Short Poems), Lulu Press, Inc., US, 2015.

  • Few Minutes before Not Seeing You!, H&S Media Ltd., London, England, 2016.

  • Tell Me About Sunflowers, Aftab Publication, Oslo, Norway, 2019



علیرضا شمس، فارغ‌التحصیل دکتری دانشگاه مک‌گیل کانادا و پژوهشگر فعال حوزه‌ی انرژی و محیطزیست است.. وی فعالیت فرهنگی خود را به صورت جدی از سال 1381 با سردبیری نشریه ادبی-انتقادی کاکتوس در دانشگاه شریف آغاز کرد و پس از آن به مدت 2 سال سرپرست امور دانشجویی دانشکده بود. وی پس از مهاجرت به کانادا و از سال 91 تا 93 مسئولیت بخش ادبی نشریه هفته مونترال را به عهده داشت. وی همچنین به مدت 5 سال معاون امور فرهنگی و آموزشی موسسه «امید برای کودکان مبتلا به سرطان» بود که پروژه شعر برای امید را به سرانجام رسانده است. از علیرضا شمس تا کنون 7 مجموعه شعر و یک ترجمه در داخل و خارج ایران منتشر شده است.


آثار منتشر شده:

1- بعدازظهر غمگین، نشر lulu و ناکجا، آمریکا و فرانسه، 1391

2- جیرجیرک‌ها دروغ نمی‌گویند، نشر اچ اند اس مدیا، لندن، 1392

3- خداحافظ‌هایت را پس بگیر، نشر فرس، تهران، 1393

4- امید را برای تو نقاشی می‌کنم (مجموعه شعر کودکان مبتلا به سرطان)، نشر فدک سبز، شیراز، 1393

5- زمین گرد نیست!، نشر اچ اند اس مدیا، لندن، 1393

6- دردانه دشت درناها، نشر lulu و آلفا، کانادا، 1394

7-چند دقیقه قبل از ندیدنت!، نشر اچ اند اس مدیا، لندن، 1394

8- برایم از آفتابگردان ها بگو، نشر آفتاب، اسلو، نروژ، 1397

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